about us

👋 Hello! I'm Gaurav Masand, a Flutter developer with a passion for crafting exceptional mobile apps. 📱


💼 With a solid background in Android and iOS development, I’ve honed my skills in creating innovative, user-centric solutions for businesses. 

🚀 My journey includes:

  • Building sleek Single Page Applications (SPA) for Android and iOS using Flutter, FlutterFlow, and Apache Server.
  • Crafting a Stock Market App, delivering real-time financial data with finesse.
  • Collaborating with a web development team during my internship to develop PHP APIs and create responsive, user-friendly web interfaces. 

📊 In addition to mobile app prowess, I’ve dabbled in web development, mastering HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more. I’m well-versed in both frontend and backend technologies, creating seamless web experiences. 

🎓 Armed with a diploma in Computer Science and a GPA of 3.8, I’m not just a developer; I’m a problem solver, a creative thinker, and a tech enthusiast. 

🌐 Let’s connect and explore how my skills can help bring your ideas to life! Feel free to reach out at masandgaurav231@gmail.com. Let’s innovate together! 🚀

Our Mission

Build the best product that creates the most value for our customers, use business to inspire and implement best solutions.

Our Values

We strive to go above and beyond for our clients no matter the challenge. We aim to deliver our very best work every single day across our services.

“Our commitment to quality is unwavering, delivering software that exceeds expectations and drives business success.”

Gaurav Masand